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Wählen Internationale Kompetenz

Click on the menu links below for specific answers to common international business problems, or click on the menu items above for explanations of the types of services we provide.

Specialized Skills for International Trade

People who work for companies that conduct international trade rely on the expertise of employees with special training and experience.

Cultural Immersion

Growing up in any one country, people learn the laws and customs from parents, relatives, friends and teachers. For those of us who work in foreign countries, we rely on accelerated education through experiences in foreign countries. Mr. Mullins, the founder, was born in the United States but has lived in Germany, Spain and China gaining first-hand experience dealing with differences of other cultures on a daily basis.

Educational Training

Although living abroad is one of the best methods to learn about foreign cultures, special courses at university or in graduate school are also available to teach your employees about the cultural and legal aspects of international trade. Mr. Mullins received his MBA in International Business from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Business.

Why Thunderbird?

During World War II the Thunderbird squadron was based in the desert, outside of Phoenix, Arizona. After the War and witnessing the destruction of factories, cities and homes around the world, a US Airforce General had a crazy idea. He felt that countries would be less likely to invade or bomb one another each country hosted the establishment of factories and subsidiaries of different countries that were their trading partners and former enemies. The US established factories in Germany and Japan. The Germans and Japanese have built factories in Asia, Latin America and the United States. So the Thunderbird curriculum emphasizes education in three areas:

  • Foreign Language - each graduate must master at least one language other than their native language
  • Cultural Studies - each graduate must demonstrate in depth knowledge of a culture other than their own
  • International Business - each student must take specialized courses emphasizing the differences in doing business overseas.


Mullins International Specialties

As indicated on this page and others, Mullins International provides expertise in a wide variety of skillsets that are necessary to sucessful international business operations.


Mr. Mullins speaks and conducts business in four languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin Chinese


Besides living in three foreign countries (China, Germany and Spain), and Texas, Mr. Mullins has traveled to more than 60 countries, on business, and developed comercial relationships in more than 60 others.

International Business

Mr. Mullins specializes in product localization, international marketing, international economics, and foregin trade regulations.


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