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Entwicklung von internationalen Geschäftsplänen

Click on the menu links below for specific answers to common international business problems, or click on the logo to the left for services we provide.

Developing Your Business Plan

Planning ahead is the best advice to starting a new business, product rollout or web project.

Who's your intended market?

Whether focusing on a local market or an international clientele, define for yourself the characteristics of a typical client:

  • Individual retail customers or businesses
  • Geographic reach of your organization / product
  • Language and Culture
  • Budget / Forecasted Sales / Timeline for profitability

Resource Requirements

Once defining the intended market and goals of your project, what resources will you need? Do you have sufficient personnel working for you already? If you are entering a new market, do you speak the language, do you understand the culture, are you familiar with the local laws?

Many companies fail to grow if they don't have sufficient capital to invest in personnel, sales and marketing, and research and development, likelihood of success is low. In the US, the Small Business Administration can help entrepreneurs find temporary help and mentors. The SBA also has a loan program for new companies.

Ask for Help

No one expects a new company to have all the answers when they first start out. National governments, venture capitalists and retired experts may provide invaluable information, so don't be afraid to ask.

Mullins International Expertise

Having worked with many different companies, we can offer advice from local sales and marketing to product development for a global market

Here are a few areas of expertise we can offer:

  • Market Analysis
    • Characteristics of target customer
    • Needs and Wants evaluation
  • Sales forecasting
    • First one or two years you may expect to lose money
  • Contacts with Local and Foreign government agencies to help you sell your product or service
    • from Asia to Europe and Latin America
  • Industry Experience
    • Medical Device industry
    • Consumer computer electronics
      • sales and distribution,
      • also offshore manufacturing
    • Publishing
      • scientific periodicals
      • educational materials
  • Website Development
    • Design your website for your target client
    • Use interactivity and other techniques to make the site interesting
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