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Welcome to Mullins International

Click on the menu links below for specific answers to common international business problems, or click on the menu above for services we provide.

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The problems listed above represent typical concerns for companies entering overseas markets. None of these issues is insurmountable and this website should help you understand them.

Standard Chartered bank logo For example, what US laws apply to international trade? A high profile example appeared in the news recently when the Standard Chartered Bank of the United States was accused by the New York Department of Financial Services of violating New York and US banking laws.

Standard Chartered Bank has accepted a legal resolution for which they will pay over US$300 million in fines to the State of New York for violations which they admitted had occurred since 2001. Go to the "obstacles" page for more information.

Reactive vs Proactive

Many US companies begin exporting products and services abroad because a foreign customer has placed an order. Unless the US company has planned to market products overseas, it can seem like one problem after another.

  • What type of payment terms should you accept?
  • Should you accept foreign currency?
  • How will products be shipped?

Sometimes the best option is to reject the order until preliminary planning of foreign markets and US export laws are completed. It is dangerous to assume any product you sell in the United States may be sold overseas. The "juggling" page may help prioritize the markets.


The international trade environment raises many issues that do not apply when doing business in the United States. The "obstacles" page will explain more.

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